Chad W.C. Michael's Film and Television work

Chad has appeared in commercials, as well as independent short and feature films. He is always looking for a new opportunity.

Currently, in addition to looking for new roles to play, Chad is writing his own passion projects. Check back here soon for details, including crowdfunding campaigns and how You can help bring these projects to life.

Chad's feature film debut, 2017's Long Night in a Dead City is making it's way around the film festival circut, and is being met with glowing reviews. This film, directed by Richard Griffin, follows Daniel (portrayed by Aidan Laliberte) as he circles around the strange calm madness that is Dead City on New Years Eve with the sultry Holly (played by Sarah Reed). Chad plays The Acid Head, a black and red clad cult like figure. Look for this film at a festival near you. Click here to see the trailer.

He also Played a small role in Richard Griffin's Strapped For Danger.

Currently, Chad has several projects in development.