Chad W.C. Michael

Born in 1988, and struggling since day one, a young Chad picked up a crayon and never put it down. Always challenging himself and pushing his own limits. Currently his weapon of choice is the airbrush because he feels it lets him “create at the speed of thought”. However, he's also very familiar with more traditional painting techniques, as well as sculpting, carving, and other various mediums. His work varies from family friendly, to games inspired, to the realm of kink and BDSM. That being said, The bottom of this gallery page is NSFW

Chad began his acting career in 2016, and is aiming to take on the role of producer for several projects currently in development. Look for his feature film debut in 2017's Long Night in a Dead City.



Sculptures & Customization

Galaxies in a Rose

Original Sculpture: $70.00

Reaper of the West (A Skull/Rose sculpture)

Original Sculpture: $85.00


"Miss" Marble- A gender fluid pin up.

Original 16x20 inch framed piece: $150.00